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"Singular! Eccentric! Charming!" - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"Extreme nerdiness!… Sheer joy!" - Gaby Wood, The Telegraph

"Ebullient!… Supercool celebrity cycle fix!… Treasure trove of a blog!"-Rob Alderson, It’s Nice That

"More style and panache than you’ll find anywhere!"-The Cambridge Raincoat Company

"Old Hollywood, vintage bicycles and gorgeous photographs of some of the most beautiful people to ever grace a bicycle seat!" - Lindsey Wasserman, Momentum magazine

"A great coffee table book!"- Urban Velo

"Il mezzo di trasporto più democratico e universale di tutti, in un album fotografico curato da un critico cinematografico e appassionato di bici!"- Il Post

"Highly browseable, handsomely designed!… From the puckish publisher that brought us `Hollywood du Jour’ and `Hollywood Poolside!’"- Leonard Maltin, Movie Crazy

"For lack of a longer word, the book is fun. Also available as an app!… Reminds us that riding a bike is a pursuit worthy of refined whimsy and a little lighthearted glamour." - George Hahn, Brooklyn Cruiser

"Montar en bicicleta, y hacerlo con todo el ‘glamour’, era lo más corriente entre las estrellas de los 40, 50 y 60. Actores como Bogart o Newman, y actrices como Hepburn o Bacall, aprovecharon su comodidad y la popularizaron. El crítico de cine estadounidense Steven Rea lleva diez años rescatando las imágenes de aquella estilosa revolución!"- Toni García, El Pais

"A quick daily fix of cycling-movie-star happiness!" - Dana Stevens, Slate

"Maybe the coolest collection of snaps we’ve seen yet!… Famous faces in the free-spirited act of riding!" - Brenna Egan, Refinery 29

"Для своей странички Rides a Bike кинокритик Стивен Ри собирает фотографии знаменитостей прошлых лет на велосипе- дах."-Marie Claire Ukraine

"Mesmerizing!" - Lucia Davies, AnOther Magazine

"A cycling love story through movie star history!" - Emma Grady,

"A beautiful labor of love!… A must for any cycling enthusiast, movie buff, or vintage fashion lover!" - Julie Lorch, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Really rather fab!" - Lynnette Peck Bateman, Lovely’s Vintage Emporium

“Fascinating…. A timeless treasure to add to your collection!” - Liz Pacheco, Grid

"There are few finer uses of Tumblr than Rides a Bike…. Shots of instant happiness!" - Matt Prigge, Philadelphia Weekly

"Pedal-philes and Hollywood junkies alike will be charmed by Philadelphia Inquirer movie critic Steven Rea’s book Hollywood Rides a Bike"- Santa Barbara Independent

"These black-and-whites of gorgeous stars on beautifully crafted tandems, cruisers, roadsters and more, delight movie lovers and bike lovers and provide a glimpse into bike mania of yesteryear!" - New York Press

"Who knew that so many stars have been gaga for bicycles?!" - Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

"Hollywood glamour rides again!" - Velojoy

"`Hollywood Rides a Bike’ is a celebration of classic Hollywood and bicycles and one of the most unique and satisfying books to come along in a while!”-Jim Langley’s Bicycle Beat

""What’s more American than Shirley Temple on a Schwinn?…. `Hollywood Rides a Bike’ (Angel City Press) presents rare, vintage snaps of such stars as avid bicyclist Doris Day, riding, and later crashing her vehicle; Spencer Tracy, doubling Mickey Rooney; and Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, tooling around the lot during a break on the set of `Rear Window.’" - Elissa Schappell, Vanity Fair/Just My Type blog

"Beautifully wrought!…. `Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling With the Stars’ is exactly the type of book you need to have in print… and one you need for prominent display on your coffee table…you do have a coffee table, right?"- L.A. Weekly

"Whimsical!" -FishbowlLA/Media Bistro

"The definitive online source for charming photos of old-school movie stars on bikes!" - Vulture/New York magazine

"R-r-r-r-aow!" - Flavorwire/Flavorpill

"N’hésitez pas à parcourir l’ensemble de l’album photos!" -

"Impressive!… Quirky!… Marvelous!" - Jill Blake, The Cinementals

"One of the best new bicycle blogs of 2011!" - South Florida Bike Coalition

"The cops would have a field day with Rides A Bike, a new Tumblr specializing in photos of celebrity cyclists, many of whom are pictured without helmets, headlights, reflectors, and often flouting traffic laws!" - The L Magazine/The Measure

"Glamorous and sexy!" - Austin On Two Wheels, the Online Magazine of Austin Cycling Culture

"Isn’t our shared existence enriched by knowing that there’s a website which is just pictures of Classic Hollywood Celebrities Riding Bikes? It makes me happy!" - Fugs and Pieces/

"Surf through Rides A Bike…. If these photographs don’t lighten your day, we suggest getting on a bike sooner than later so you can experience the joy!" - The Public Blog/Public Bikes San Francisco

"I am loving this tumblr, Rides a Bike!" -

"Amazing!" -

"A beautiful addition to the cycling and fashion blogosphere!" - Sacramento Cycle Chic

"Rides a Bike” is one of my favorite single-serve Tumblr sites… with vintage photographs of stars and celebrities of days of yore on bicycles…. Add this site to your RSS or bookmarks for your weekly bit of whimsy!" - SUNfiltered/The Sundance Channel

"Acabamos de descobrir um Tumblr sensacional, que traz imagens históricas de celebridades pedalando suas bicicletas. Para quem gosta de bicicletas clássicas e fotos históricas, vale a visita!" - Eu Vou de Bike

"Whimsical! Fascinating!" - Dennis King, Look at OKC

"I really think the bike industry needs to take note of these images. Think how many more bikes you’d sell… if you did an ad campaign with Kate Winslet or Johnny Depp helmetless and in regular clothes on bikes like these!" -

"A brilliant photo blog that condenses the essence of why everyone should ride a bike — because it’s fun, and all the beautiful people are doing it!" -

"Our favorite vintage bike photo site…. Brilliant, always inspiring!" - Sydney Cycle Chic

"Sweet!" - William Fotheringham, cycling columnist, The Guardian

"I found a fantastic blog today on Tumblr… Rides A Bike… A collection of vintage photographs of a whole host of Hollywood stars rolling along…. Beautiful shots and fantastic outfits abound!" - The Stylish Cyclist

"Tirées du Tumblr Rides A Bike, ces somptueuses photos montrent des stars hollywoodiennes des années 40-50-60 à vélo…. Superbe travail!" - Ec(h)o Mag

"Here’s something for a city that celebrates cinema and bicycles: a website featuring stills of stars on bicycles…. They’re sure looking sharp!" - The Oregonian

"Some beautiful bikes and bike looks that capture the spirit of riding for me: simple, elegant, freeeeeeeeee!" - Sarah Wilson,

"A source of constant pleasure!" - Robert Penn, It’s All About the Bike

"Thousands have scrolled through the stills and candid shots of Rita Hayworth on a beach cruiser, Errol Flynn on a track bike, and Humphrey Bogart speeding through a studio back-lot, one hand hanging casually in his pocket, with the calm and confident expression of an everyday cyclist!" - Momentum Magazine

"Old Hollywood stars on their two-wheeled steeds, from the days when A-listers would pedal between scenes on studio lots. James Stewart gives Grace Kelly a lift down the road; Jean Harlow walks a bike on a pavement; Audrey Hepburn pedals past Humphrey Bogart. Each is romantic and nostalgic evidence of the elegance of bike-riding, a reminder of why it endures!" - Harriet Walker, The Independent (U.K.)